Neesa Vacation Club

Explore world with Neesa Vacation Club(NVC). Backed by Neesa Holidays and DAE -World's leading Holiday Exchange Company affiliated with best of the Quality Resorts- the club through timeshare membership offers incredible, great-value holiday experiences, which is sure to strike-a-chord with the common masses.

Neesa Vacation Club powered by Point System. The number of club points owned determines your holiday destination, time of the year, length of stay, and category of accommodation you enjoy.

Soaked in sheer luxury, NVC holiday destinations heavily reflect the culture and history of the locations, with good number of opportunities to experience new adventures, or simply relax in the luxury of beautiful surroundings. The club offers exciting, affordable, flexible and easy to escape destinations of your choice. You have access to club's network of quality resorts, providing you with wonderful freedom to choose.


The world's leading holiday exchange company has ushered in a unique customer-centric holiday exchange programme that makes exchange of timeshare weeks easy, affordable and amazingly rewarding.

The primary objective is to make the timeshare owners fully aware of the holiday exchange rules including trading powers, seasonal demand tables and other facets that have, over the years, complicated the exchange process.

DAE takes an easy approach to exchanges and membership benefits. Members can access 24 X 7 X 365 -live availability online and can search, hold, book and confirm anytime, making the exchange process extremely simple. You don't have to go through a set of complex rules to conduct a transaction with us.

NVC membership automatically entitles you to DAE membership. NVC will register you for the first three years and thereafter you can renew it through NVC via your online membership account or you can get in touch with DAE customer care department, or transact online booking on



NVC has not only endeavored to offer the best picturesque destinations in the world via its tie ups with high-end Hotels and Resorts, but at the same time has sorted out hotels offering best discounts on accommodation. That's not all. The best part being members get to stay at all selected hotels & resorts promoted under Neesa Vacation Club. In addition, indulge in a wealth of additional privileges, with discounts on spa, dining and refreshments.


Enjoy endless holidays with NVC.

The club offers you the choice to save or borrow club points from the previous or forthcoming year.

Take advantage of Bonus Points and Benefit Points, Late Break Special, Short Breaks. Plus, you can also share your Neesa Vacation Club experience with the option of lending, renting or transferring your club points with family and friends.


The Club Points of NVC hold immense value. Discover unrivaled diversity, flexibility and freedom, in three incredible ways.

Create dream holidays by using your club points to stay at hotels & resorts promoted under Neesa Vacation Club.

Expand the usage rights of your club points with stays at other luxurious resorts across India.

Explore beyond Neesa Vacation Club with NVCPL, where your club points can be exchanged for stays at international timeshare resorts where you have wider collection of destinations.


Because you only use the exact number of points needed for each holiday, you can be sure you're getting the very best value from your NVC-Points membership You'll see season-based points allocated to each unit/apartment in your NVC points table. Also note the point value varies from season to season even for the same accommodation size.


Points are the most flexible way to book your holidays. You can use your points in a number of ways to get the holiday you want.

You can opt for minimum three night weekend break or you can also book a four night midweek break. Reservation depends on how many points available and how many points you wish to use.

Full week or Split week can also be opted for. While in case of Neesa Vacation Alliance, you can opt for split week holidays under DAE or you can opt for both Split Week and Full Week breaks.

Bonus Points

If you own points for peak season and wish to go in an off-peak season or you go for an economical apartment, you get bonus points. The number of bonus points will be one tenth of the points you actually used while booking the holiday.

For Example: If you are a member of Red Season with Studio apartment and you booked a holiday in White or Blue season by using 600 points, then 60 bonus point will be credited to your account and the same will carry a life of two years.

If you are a member of One Bed Room and you booked a holiday in a Studio Apartment, and you used 1600 points, then 160 points will be credited to your account with a same life span of two years.

If you are a member of One Bed Room Red Season and booked a holiday in Studio Blue Season you will get double, i.e. one fifth of the points used to book the holiday as Bonus Points.

Borrow Points

If you need more points that you currently have for a holiday, borrow them from your next year's allocation.

Bank & Save Points

If you have any unused points left over at the end of the year, they will be saved to your forthcoming year after your written request is acknowledged by NVC. However, if you don't use them by the end of the second year, your points will expire.

Extend Points

If you haven't been able to use your points in the given year, then to save your points for the forthcoming year you need to send a written notice to your designsted NVC office. The written notice should be receiveb dy your NVC office on or before 30th November. You can save these points for a maximum of two years.

Payment Terms