How does the Neesa Vacation Club Reservation System Work?

Every resort and apartment affiliated with the NVC is recorded at your NVC Central Reservation System. Reservations are accepted on a first come, first served basis. So, the earlier you make your reservation the more likely you are to get your preferred choice of destination.

Can I sell or bequeath my points right?

There is no restriction on selling, bequeathing or gifting your point rights to others. While selling and gifting to others, member should be at least left with 500 points in his/her account after reservation transaction.

Should you wish to sell, or transfer your point rights, contact your NVC consultant who will send you the necessary transfer documents to complete the transfer. Apart from documentation, NVC does not provide any consultation on selling or renting prospects for the point owner.

What if I do not have enough points for my holidays?

The options available to you are
  • Select a holiday of lower point value
  • Borrow enough points from next year
  • Use the discount available through late break special
  • Buy bonus points if they are available for the time of year you wish to travel or
  • Buy additional point rights

What is the Annual Cost?

NVC member pays an Annual Subscription Fee(ASF). It is payable to all members on their point rights that they own. Annual Maintenance Charge ( AMC )

  • The Annual Maintenance Charge is variable in nature and currently it stands at Rs.2.50 per point and is subject to the annual points allocated (purchased). The amount is counted on the number of points owned by a member as per the NVC membership Certificate.
  • Extra points (benefit points) can be bought at Rs. 10/- per point to complete a holiday request.


To make the most of your NVC – Points membership, it's important that you know when the best time is to book your holiday.

Late Break Special

By booking 30 days or less before your intended Holidays you have the option of saving up to 50% on the point value of the accommodation. There is no limit to the number of late breaks that you can take in a year as long as you have sufficient points. However, the booking option decreases in case of less number of days from your intended Holiday.

Weekend & Midweek Breaks(Short Breaks)

Special Breaks

A weekend Break is 3 nights' accommodation over a weekend and the cost is 60% of the full week point value. A Midweek Break is 4 night's accommodation during the midweek and the cost is 50% of the full week point value.

The point value for a Weekend or Midweek Break is shown in the NVC Points Table. Late Break, Midweek breaks and weekend breaks only apply to NVC Resorts and are subject to availability.

Benefit Points

The best way to get the most out of your membership is to utilize Benefit points. These are points that you may use for yourself or for others regardless of how many points rights you actually own

What is a Benefit Point & How it works?

Every resort has peak and lean periods, or apartments that are not booked at all. Neesa Vacation provides these vacant apartments to our members as Benefit Points.

So if you don't have enough points in your account for your desired holiday, summon your reservation officer to know about the availability of benefit points at that time of the year. If they are available, the reservation officer will quote you the special Members' discount price and you can purchase and the minimum purchase has to be equivalent to a short break.

NVC Benefit Points apply to NVC Resorts/ Neesa Vacation Club Alliance Resorts and are generally not available for peak season reservations.